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Day 01- Why You Like Gintama

Day 02- How You Discovered Gintama

Day 03- Favorite Opening Song

Day 04- Favorite Ending Song

Day 05- Random Screenshot

Day 06- Favorite Male Character

Day 07- Least Favorite Male Character

Day 08- Random Fanart

Day 09- Favorite Female Character

Day 10- Least Favorite Female Character

Day 11- Random Screenshot

Day 12- Elizabeth or Sadaharu?

Day 13- Favorite Pairing

Day 14- Least Favorite Pairing

Day 15- Favorite Episode

Day 16- Saddest Episode

Day 17- Funniest Episode

Day 18- Favorite “Arc”

Day 19- Least Favorite “Arc”

Day 20- Random Fanart

Day 21- A Song That Reminds You Of One Of The Characters

Day 22- A Song That Reminds You Of Gintama

Day 23- Anime or Manga?

Day 24- A Fanfic

Day 25- Favorite Quote

Day 26- Random Page from Manga

Day 27- Character You Relate to the Most

Day 28- Character That Reminds You of a Friend

Day 29- Favorite Manga Volume

Day 30- Why You Would Recommend Gintama to Others

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